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Mind in Nature

Second International Conference, 15th-17th February 2010
Humboldt University Berlin

When early modern thinkers began to challenge the metaphysical framework of Aristotelian hylomorphism and maintained that natural things should be explained in purely mechanistic terms, traditional explanations of mind became problematic: How do mental activities (such as perception, imagination, memory, thought etc.) relate to natural processes? Are they identical or radically different? In which categories are they to be described – and how can an explanation of mind be integrated into a universal account of nature? These problems are at the centre of a great number of early modern debates in metaphysics, natural philosophy, epistemology and philosophy of mind. They gave rise to a number of theories, ranging from neo-Aristotelianism to various forms of dualism, monism and idealism.

At this 2nd Congress of the European Society for Early Modern Philosophy, scholars from all over Europe and the U.S. working in early modern philosophy will discuss these problems in their historical context and relate them to contemporary philosophical debates.

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European Society for Early Modern Philosophy (ESEMP)

The ESEMP is a philosophical society that focuses on works from the early modern period. These range from late scholasticism and humanism to various forms of mechanical philosophy. The ESEMP was founded on November 6, 2004, in Hagen (Germany). Its first conference took place in Essen in March 2007. The ESEMP aims to create a platform for debate and discussion for all students and scholars working on early modern philosophy. It welcomes membership from across Europe and overseas. As an interdisciplinary forum, it is open not only to historians of philosophy, but also to scholars working in the history of science, literature, art history, and other disciplines.

Please visit www.esemp.de for more information about the ESEMP.

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This second ESEMP conference is organized by the research team of:
Prof. Dr. Dominik Perler & PD Dr. Johannes Haag
Institut für Philosophie
Unter den Linden 6
D-10099 Berlin

Mind in Nature


Mind in Nature
2nd Conference of the
European Society
for Early Modern Philosophie
15th - 17th February 2010


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin
Senatssaal & Room 2097